About Maggie Walsh
Maggie Walsh is a character who appeared as the psychology professor / head of the Initiative in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's season 4. She appeared in Episode 1, "The Freshman" and unfortunately was killed in episode 13, "The I In Team". She also unfortunately made an appeareance as a zombie in "Primeval", but some fans prefer to forget that embarrassing moment. For more about Maggie, please go to the Resources section for Maggie quotes, sounds and pics.

About The Fanlistings
A fanlisting is a list of fans from all countries. The idea of the fanlistings originated from Janine Mischor, who created The Fanlistings.

About the Website
The word "creatrix" is the (rather esoteric) feminine form of "creator".

This website's aim is not only to list all the fans of Maggie Walsh, but it's also intended as a tribute to the nutty professor - the one and only on the Web. That's why fanfiction, photos, sounds and other stuff concerning Maggie will also be archived in the Resources section.

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