I didn't notice Jim Brass, at first. When I first saw CSI, it was all about the science, and all about the pretty boys. For a long times, the cops occupied a hazy zone in the background, that didn't quite register on my radar. And then, I noticed him. Little quips from time to time, sarcasm and clever oneliners that just won my heart in a flash. What finished melting it is the depth of character portrayed in Jim Brass, the rare and sudden rushes of emotion that leave the viewer choked up with him.

Probably because his character is low-key, and that he's surrounded by lots of young and pretty CSIs, Brass is often forgotten by the fandom. So much so that there are few if any websites devoted to him. Even Brass fanfiction is scarce. This is why I created this site devoted to him, so that his fans can unite, discuss him, share fanfiction and pictures, and generally squee over this wonderful character.

Please take a look around with the menu above. Hopefully the site will grow more in the future. Thank you for visiting it!


- March 31 2007: The Brass Fanfiction Archive is open! Please submit your stories here!
- Sep 27 2006: The website is open for business!
- Oct 13 2006: Added pictures to the gallery and stories to the fanfiction section.

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