by dmf19841966

Pairing: JB/OFC

Rating: R to NC-17

Author’s notes: A short piece, set just after the Season 2 episode, “Ellie”. The plot bunny just wouldn’t go away (you know how they are). And, it’s a total “Mary Sue”. Substitute your own name wherever appropriate and see how that works out for ya!

This is dedicated to the other Jim Brass-loving writers at the board, far more prolific than I. With appreciation for your great work, I hope you enjoy this one. Fall term is now one week old and my students all want their shit graded. You know how they are… ;-)

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“Come back to me, Ellie,” he said, a single tear trailing silently down his cheek. The noise and the splash of the nearby fountain barely covered the hammering in his chest. He tried to ignore the pounding at the back of his head too, just barely.

She leaned in close and Jim felt a faint glimmer of hope, of reconciliation with his only child. So what if they weren’t biologically related? Ellie Rebecca Brass was the child of his heart. And right now, she broke it like no one else in the world could. She and her mother had that in common for sure.

“Dad,” she whispered. “It’s way too late. Have to catch a flight to Jersey, midnight. Mom says I can stay with her for awhile.” The young woman’s eyes were wet with tears she stubbornly refused to shed; at least some of the frost had melted, even if Ellie wouldn’t acknowledge it.

“Sure, okay. You need a ride to the airport? I can get you there fast,” Jim offered, trying to smile and sound upbeat. What he really wanted to do was scream to see if some of the pain would leave him alone, not that it had ever worked before.

“Thanks, but I’m taking the shuttle.” Ellie adjusted the bag on her shoulder and kept her face carefully neutral.

Jim smiled gently. “Oh, yeah. Okay. Catch you later.”

Ellie returned a small smile and gave a little wave. Then she turned and was gone. Brass stood watching her go, disappearing into the crowd of tourists and vacationers. And families. His shoulders sagged with exhaustion.

“Shit,” he sighed as he turned and headed for his car. Jim really didn’t want to think right now; his head hurt but not nearly as bad as before. Except for his concussion, a nice bottle of bourbon, neat, would take him somewhere else. Anywhere but here.

I usually go to Las Vegas to get away from work. Well, the traffic to be honest. Orlando has just grown too much, too soon for my tastes, so I trade one glitzy fantasyland for another. But at least I could still keep in touch with my son Jack, a U.S. Marine on duty overseas somewhere. Somewhere dangerous probably. His weekly e-mails are more precious than gold, but he cannot tell me exactly where his duty has taken him. So do I worry? Of course. I can’t watch the news anymore. I’d never sleep if I did, even with Master’s level swim team practice five days a week, starting at oh-dark-thirty. What was I thinking?

I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going as I left the Internet café, and shuffling a small stack of photos I had just picked up. These same photos that scattered on the sidewalk when I ran right smack into him.

“Oh, I am so sorry” and “Excuse me, are you alright?” we said, not sure who spoke which. As one we knelt to retrieve them; me, blushing like a fool. Whoever this man was, he smelled fantastic. I had raised my son as a single parent, and wasn’t dating anyone back home at the moment, so why not?

He was chuckling softly as he handed me some of the snapshots. “I could get into big trouble if you called some of those guys on me.” He held out a hand to help me to my feet. Strong too, I thought, and finally I was able to get a good look at him. He nearly took my breath away, he was that handsome; about my age, maybe a bit younger, and just a fraction taller than I. Nice.

What he had just said managed to sink in and I grinned a bit sheepishly. “No, it’s my son and his pals. He’s…” I had to stop at the surprise of what I now saw in his face. His cheeks were damp but it wasn’t raining. The momentary flicker of pain in his blue-violet eyes broke my heart; somehow I knew it wasn’t physical hurt, not really. He’d been crying. It made him even more beautiful in my mind.

“Are you alright?” I asked quietly, my hand still clasped in his. He seemed embarrassed when he let go, wiping his brow and his cheeks.

“Oh, yeah. Allergies,” he lied. For some reason, he lingered near, like he didn’t want to be alone with whatever was hurting him so much.

“Me too.” I nodded, ending my internal debate. “Um, I was just on my way to grab a snack before I headed back to my hotel room. I know it’s late but would you like to join me?” Who was this woman speaking in my voice? I’ve known the guy, what, fifteen seconds?

He looked surprised, and then pleased. “Sure. That would be…that would be great. I’m Jim Brass by the way.” Jim held out his hand again, smiling.

I took it, again and had to smile back. “Mary Nolan. It’s nice to meet you, Jim.”

So, honestly we did have a light snack, bagels or something, I don’t really remember what it was. And one or two cocktails at the bar in my hotel. And as we chatted, it grew later and later; I couldn’t help being drawn in closer and closer to him. Captain Jim Brass is an incredibly handsome man although I don’t think he even realizes it most of the time. He’s also an incredible gentleman. I didn’t think he’d ever get down to kissing me, and I’d been staring at his lips and eyes for at least an hour.

When I invited him up to my room, he remained the charming escort, but once inside the door, I didn’t hesitate to let him know that I wanted it as much as he.

“Jim,” I told him softly. “You have nothing to feel guilty about. We’re both old enough to make grown-up decisions by now.” Sex at fifty is so different from sex at twenty, in many ways, most of them good ones.

He smiled and cocked his head to one side, speculatively. “Oh yeah?” Leaning in to kiss me again while I stepped out of my heeled shoes, he actually growled when I pushed his suit coat from his shoulders. He steadied me with both hands on my hips, then steered back until I was against the wall. I had to pull him in closer after that, just to feel his body against mine. And it was delicious.

Jim reached to unbutton my blouse, and as he did he looked in my eyes, as if seeking permission. “Mary, you’re sure? I don’t expect…”

I touched his cheek and he leaned into my palm, sighing quietly. I started undoing his shirt buttons, to return the favor. “Absolutely. You look fabulous to me, Jim.”

Something in his face changed, ever so slightly, and he let me see then the passion and intensity he usually kept under wraps, buried down under a cool, and even sarcastic façade. He removed his shirt confidently, and stopped me unfastening his belt and trousers. This next deep kiss left me breathless and I couldn’t help letting my hands wander appreciatively over his broad chest and shoulders.

“Over here,” he said, leading me to the bed. Damn, even his voice was sexy, and I wasn’t about to protest.

I swear he was teasing me as he undressed me, kissing and caressing my body the whole time. Killing me softly, indeed. After what seemed like an eternity, we were both finally naked on the bed together, kissing and stroking each other. The fires were starting to burn quite hot as he massaged my breasts; tasting one and rubbing the other in gentle but firm circles. My hands made their own way over his head and shoulders, enjoying the feel of his skin and the texture of his hair. My eyes hadn’t fooled me before: his hair was baby-fine and he had this intoxicating aftershave or whatever it was. I’d have to remember to ask him about it when my brain started working again. Later.

He made small noises of pleasure at my breast, then eased back up to kiss me again, both of us sighing from the sensations coursing through our bodies. “Wow,” he said reverently. It was at that moment that he reached down to stroke between my legs, and to ease a finger inside of me.

I couldn’t help myself. I arched against him and reflexively spread my legs a bit more. “Wow yourself, Jim,” I replied huskily. He was going to have me purring any second now. I could feel him chuckle softly against my mouth and soon I was enjoying the feel of his tongue on mine, complementing what his gentle hand was doing to me farther south. I could feel his warm hardness against my hip and I reached for it. As his erection moved in my hand, I felt him start to squirm a little. Good.

How much longer we went on like this, I have no idea, but the man was a virtuoso, bringing me to the edge and then backing off, again and again and again. Feeling a little tense, I had to take his head in both my hands and look directly into those gorgeous baby blues. “Make love to me,” I said. “Please.” Hell, I’d beg if I had to.

Without a word, he slid himself between my legs and I felt a very warm tongue tasting and licking me intimately. The explosion came very quickly (no shit, Sherlock) between the ministrations of his tongue and fingers. As I clenched and writhed and called his name, a distant part of my brain hoped I didn’t squeeze him too hard. Apparently not because as I started back down from that trip into outer space, Jim was softly stroking my inner thighs and placing feather-light kisses as well.

He hauled himself up to his knees, I admiring his magnificent manhood and he winked at me, the cheeky monkey: humor, passion, sexy…all that jazz. “Ready to go on?” he asked, just his voice making me twitch again. I smiled and reached down to caress his face as he positioned himself and entered me smoothly.

“Absolutely,” I told him, drawing him down for a grateful kiss. “You’re wonderful.”

Jim started slowly, in and out building an intense rhythm as he kissed me again, murmuring with pleasure as he did. I scratched his back and massaged his bottom, all at random, encouraging his movement with my own body. He hit the right spots flawlessly, and when he started to roll his hips in time to our deep penetration, I was ready to lose it again. I’m not sure I was too coherent when he whispered: “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I managed. “Oh, Jim…” was all I got out when he picked up the pace and I tumbled quickly over the edge.

“That’s it, honey. I’m here,” he told me. This man was so tender that he was going to make me cry. His own breathing became erratic as he raced to the finish line, groaning softly as he did so. We just held each other then, sweaty, out of breath, and oh so satisfied.

I wanted to stay like that, falling asleep in his arms, with his chest hair tickling my nose, but my body betrayed me. I eased away from him, dying for a pee. “Be right back.”

I could feel him watching me head into the bathroom, and he was smiling when I came out again. “Nice tan,” he commented, looking ruefully down at his own pale skin against the sheets.

“Oh, thanks,” I said, not detecting any reason to be defensive. “Imagine me still on a swim team at my age.” I shrugged and had to grin back.

“Sounds good. Not much of that out here for old cops,” Jim replied, holding the covers open for me as I slid back in beside him and snuggled close.

“Yeah, right. You’re a lot more than an ‘old cop’, Jim Brass.” He chuckled and kissed my hair before leaning over to check the time on his wristwatch. Still a few more hours to get some sleep.

“I work the graveyard shift, seven to seven. Can I call you again, after?” I had already told him that my Vegas trip would be another four days before I flew home to Florida.

“After, good idea.”

And we fell asleep in each other’s arms, with smiles on our faces. I mean, can you blame me?

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