As most Brass fans will have noticed, Brass fic is a relatively rare treat. Few authors write about him, which is why it's particularly interesting to find links to various authors and stories that are already published on the web. You'll find them here. Don't forget to leave people feedback - it's the only way we'll get more Brassfic, by encouraging authors!

If you are wondering what happened to the Jim Brass Fanfiction Archive, please click the link!

Unfortunately since the archive crashed (and I'm no longer much in the fandom), this list is not up to date. However, I highly recommend looking around Livejournal for Brassfic.

All my thanks to beaujolais for plowing through to give me her reccommendations!

A little ♥ means that I paticularly enjoyed this story - it's "Webmistress's Choice"
Adult means that the fanfic contains graphic adult material. If you're too young to be reading that kind of story - don't go there.


Epilogue to "Stalker" by krysalys73 (Teen rated) (@WWoM)
Going Home by sfCSI (PG rated) (
Fatherly Advice by helsinkibaby (Warrick/Sara; PG rated) (@csi forensics)
Some Little Forgiveness by sfCSI (Teen rated) (@Geekfiction)


Open Ends by beaujolais (Mature rated) (


Blame It On The Margaritas by beaujolais (Teen rated) (@Geekfiction)
Moving Foward by beaujolais (Teen rated) (
Must Be The Heat
by inamberclad (Teen rated) (@Geekfiction)
No Guarantee by beaujolais (Teen rated) (
Perfect Feelings of Emptiness by piecesofalice (Adult) (@Geekfiction)
Splinters by beaujolais (Teen rated) (


The Birthday Trilogy (@WWoM)
   - Happy Birthday To Me (Adult)
   - Birthday Boy (Adult)
   - Birthday Present (threesome with Grissom) (Adult)
Don't Say Anything by Joanne Soper-Cook (Adult) (@WWoM)
Untitled Series by Kerguelen (@Don't make me... AND WWoM)
   - We Too Had Known Golden Hours (past Brass/Grissom) (PG)
   - Hella Good (past Brass/Grissom) (PG)
   - Coffee and Courage (PG)
   - 3-2-1 Blastoff (Adult)
   - Reality Check (Teen)
   - The Frustrated and the Clueless (Adult)


Confessions by Sunny (Teen) (WIP) (@Don't make me...)
How It Started by Joanne Soper Cook (Teen) (@WWoM)

Brass/Lady Heather

I'll Be There by Sunny (Adult) (@Don't Make Me...)


We Two by Callista_Mythol (Adult) (@csi forensics)

Brass/Original Female Character

After: Pt 1 - Pt 2 - Pt 3 by dmf19841966 (Adult)


Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum by AelFaer (Teen rated) (@WWoM)
Hot Water by Sunny (Adult) (@Don't Make Me...)
Indiscernible Changes by fliz0ntoast (G rated) (@Geekfiction)
Ragged Hearts Series by Sunny (@Don't Make Me...)
    - Trapped (Teen rated)
    - Naked (Teen rated)
Roses by Kyrdwyn (Adult) (@Don't Make Me...)


A Night at the Movies by Sydne (Mature rated) (@csi forensics)
Comfort and Commitment by Sydne (Adult) (@csi forensics)
First Date by Sydne (Teen rated) (@csi forensics)
I Think I'm Falling In Love by Sydne (Adult) (@csi forensics)
Playing the Hero by beaujolais (Teen rated) (

Threesomes and moresomes

The Experiment by Trouble (Adult) (@Don't Make Me...)

Fanfiction sources (fanfiction, the good, the bad, the ugly - but lots of it)
CSI Forensics (a great CSI fanfiction archive with all ratings)
Geekfiction (LJ comm - check out their tags)
Don't Make Me Ask You Twice (Jim Brass fansite, lots more good stuff)
Terror Twins, Inc. (Brass/Sofia website)
The Wonderful World of Makebelieve (an excellent original fiction and fanfiction archive)

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