Links for Jack Coleman

General information

@JackColeman4RLZ – Jack Coleman’s Twitter account; he tweets quite often about his current projects and a lot of other things.

The HRG Files – A blog posted by Jack Coleman during season 3 of Heroes. Not updated anymore, but well worth the read! (used to be on Television Without Pity, now archived here)

Jack Coleman’s Filmography @IMDB

Jack Coleman Facebook fan page – A page for fans to discuss Jack Coleman on Facebook, run by us. Don’t hesitate to “like” it!

@JColeman_daily – also run by us, retweets anything posted on this site or the Jack Coleman Daily LJ, as well as news concerning Jack and interesting fan appreciation tweets about Jack.

Jack Coleman fanmail addresses – why not send him a letter to show your appreciation!

LJ groups

jcoleman_daily – sister site to this website, a community for daily posts of Jack Coleman eye candy, as well as news, etc.

mr_bennet – a general community for fans of HRG, lots of news about HRG and Jack.

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