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The “HRG Files” are a series of blog entries originally posted by Jack Coleman himself on the Television Without Pity website. Television Without Pity closed in Spring 2014, and Mr Coleman kindly gave us permission to archive the blog entries here.

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Magazine Articles

Dynasty Era

Here Comes The New Steven (1983)

“Impossible to do Gay Stories” (1983)


“I don’t feel I have the responsibility of carrying a torch for any cause. (…) My job is to give a good performance. I don’t portray him any differently than I would any other character. I don’t play him effeminately. I was adamant about that when I took th role. As far as I’m concerne, he’s the most interesting character in the series. He’s more sympathetic and he doesn’t have a killer instinct like the rest of the Carringtons.”

“I relished the opportunity to have a role that was different, exciting and controversial. Otherwise it’s easy to find yourself with a boring storyline.”

“It’s really almost impossible to have a gay story line. You can talk about it and hint about it and innuendo, but you can’t really do it. You just can’t put that on prime time television. The standards won’t allow it.”

“I get sick of walking on eggshells” (1985)


“In the [Dynasty] tribe, Jack Coleman is something of a class wit, the guy who comes up with the memorable wisecracks, like when he came late to last season’s wrap party and apologized in a loud voice, ‘Better latent than never.’ Poor, tortured Steven, on the other hand, rarely gets a laugh. ‘Jack’s got a world of charm, but unfortunately he hasn’t gotten a chance to show it on this series,’ observes colleague John Forsythe.”

“Last year during one of Steven’s heterosexual lapses, a gay critic savaged the show for ‘robbing the Carrington character of his homosexuality.’ Conservative critics, meanwhile, wanted Steven to get ‘straight’ or disappear. Coleman sympathizes with both sides but says finally, ‘I say the hell with them all,’ and his exasperation rises like steam off his usual preppy cool. ‘The gays aren’t trying to convert anyone. Believe what you want and keep it to yourself.’”


Strangers and a new hero (2007)

411 TV Interview: Jack Coleman of Heroes (2007)


I just saw the drama and the conflict inherent in the fact that the cheerleader, the star of the show, that her Father is someone who is actually hunting these people, people like her. And yet they seemingly have this close, loving relationship. I had no idea it was going to become the kind of part it became, no idea, but I did know, I was pretty sure, that there was potential if everything worked out well. And it worked out very well.

Heroes’ HRG talks about season finale (with video) (2010)

Heroes’ Jack Coleman – Noah’s Arc (2010)


“At the beginning of the season, Noah found himself in a fairly quiet, reflective, contemplative place. He was trying to figure out if all the years of rationalizing why he has been doing all this really added up to anything meaningful. And I think he finally realized that it did not. A leopard can’t change its spots and Noah is who he is, but at least there’s room in him for growth and self-examination, which I enjoyed having the chance to do this season.”


Interview with Jack Coleman’s wife, actress Beth Toussaint (1996)


“The wedding was June 21. It was the first day of summer, which is Jack’s favorite day of the year, so he picked the date, and we got married on Cape Cod.”

“We really wanted it to be an intimate wedding. It wasn’t a religious ceremony. We said our own vows. It was really a ritual about our relationship, and what the commitment meant to us. We just wanted the people closest to us there, the people who’ve supported us in our lives, and in our love.”

Keck’s Exclusives: Heroes’ Jack Coleman Cast as Mentalist Baddie (Mentalist) (2010)

Jack Coleman is ready to ROCK THE HOUSE (Rock the House, mentions of The Office, Mentalist, House, Heroes) (2011)


[about The Office] “I was Angela’s boyfriend and now a state senator who may or may not be gay. I’m just hoping it’s going to be one of those ‘Guy gets arrested in an airport bathroom’ kind of things. If we’re going to make him a state senator with a secret, let’s make it a big dirty secret.”

“Playing a bunch of different characters is no problem. Not having a series to just go to every day with a familiar cast and a familiar crew – being a guest star is always awkward, always, no matter who you are, no matter how great the part, and sort of being out there in the world, trying to figure out what the next big gig is, is not one of the most fun parts of being an actor, but that’s the circus that I signed up for.”


Audio Interviews

Kiss FM: Jackie and Bender Interview Jack Coleman (2009)

One Question Interview with Jack Coleman (2009)



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