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The relationship between Claude Rains and Noah Bennet is portrayed very discreetly in the series, yet it dominates both characters' lives. Claude and Noah were introduced to each other as partners circa 1991, after Claude had lost his partner Aram. A year later, while they were attempting a bag & tag, their target Meredith Gordon exploded in flames and left behind her daughter. Claude watched as the Company made Noah adopt the child, Claire. Their partnership ended in 1999, when Claude was found to have hidden a person with abilities and the Company instructed Noah to kill him. Claude was fully aware of this order, yet trusted Noah enough to believe that he was a better person. Despite very conflicted feelings, Noah shot Claude several times and left him for dead. They finally met again briefly in New York, when Noah found Claude and Peter on the Deveaux roof and attempted to capture them. Claude managed to flee thanks to Peter, and went on the run yet again...

As owner of this fanlisting, I enjoy this relationship because it has many different forms. Everything remains very subtle and the entire relationship was easily conveyed through a few flashbacks: Bennet's admiration for Claude's power, Claude's protectiveness with his new partner, Bennet's internal struggle to choose between loyalty to the Company and to his friend, and Claude's nearly blind trust in his friend's better nature. Can things still be repaired, or are they now deadly enemies? How we'd wish to find that out!

Claude/Bennet-centric material

Episode 1x16: Unexpected
Episode 1x17: Company Man
Graphic Novel 22: Hell's Angel

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